The Abyss Project Comes To Kegworth

By Cerys and Jade from The Press Gang

Welcome to the underwater world. There are nets, lot’s of them! So the abyss has joined forces with kegworth public school to pull net’s out of the ocean and turn them into giant marine animal sculptures.

Carl and Nat at Kegworth! Image: the_abyss_project

Our art teacher Ms Findlay got Kegworth involved with the abyss project by paddling over to a mysterious boat titled the abyss project. The Abyss Project is a school art program that turns waste shark netting into sculptures that have an important environmental message.

Ms Findley was so inspired by the project that she asked them to come to Kegworth. It wasn’t long before kegworth kids were making their own giant sculptures aiming to bring the water knowledge to kegworth!

Image: the_abyss_project

Using plastic, ropes, netting and wire year three are making a massive turtle and year four are on track for finishing their enormous jellyfish.

Photo by Pietro Jeng on Unsplash

Once stage two’s sculptures are finished they will be displayed on the courtyard for the public to see. So be on the lookout! 

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