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Kegworth’s Favoutite Youtubers

By Ben from the Press Gang

Youtubers are people who post videos on youtube. Anyone over 13 can post their own videos.

The thing that makes a Youtuber stand out is good content such as gaming, music and science. The most important thing is variety.

I think that a good youtube channel is better than TV.

My favoutite Youtuber is Z1 gaming.

I’d love to be a youtuber – I would post videos about gaming.

I asked kids in the playground which youtubers they liked so that I could find out who Kegworth’s favoutite youtubers are. Here are the results: 

Pewdiepie with 3 votes. Pewdiepie is the most subscribed youtuber in the world.

Mr beast with 4 votes. Mr beast beast is ,and has a gaming and a reality channel.

Jelly with 1 vote.Jelly is a gaming channel.He plays video games.

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