10 Things That Will Somehow Make Your Day Better

By Isla from the Press Gang

Ok, so, with Covid 19 around, we’ve all been pretty lonely. Things aren’t quite right in the world and that might be making us feel a little bit irritated, frustrated or depressed. But words help. Here is a small list of 10 things that will make you smile.

  1. This will be over soon, nothing lasts forever!

2. It’s only going to get better now, as long as we keep trying, we can do this!

3. You are still loved, you are still safe, you are still brave!

4. Do not dwell on the past, do not worry about the future, focus on being happy now

5. Happiness comes in waves, it will find you sooner or later

6. Everyday is a new day, including this one!

7. You deserve to enjoy life, don’t let anyone forget that!

8. In a world where you can be anything, be kind!

9. Keep trying, because you will figure it out eventually!

10.Thank yourself for being yourself everyday, you are lovely the way you are.

Thank you for reading this! I really hope that it helped you feel better about yourself, about the world and about the lack of happiness you might get sometimes! Please keep doing what you do, because no matter what that is, It matters! Make the world better!!!

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