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Humans of Kegworth: Bridget the Strings Teacher and Conductor


How long have you been a Human of Kegworth? 
I have been a Human of Kegworth since Term 2, 2012, when I first started teaching violin at the school.
Is Kegworth anything like the school that you went to?
Kegworth is a lot like the school I went to when I was growing up because it has nice, open spaces to run around at lunch time, lots of fun, creative activities to take part in, and beautiful student artworks all around the classrooms. The biggest difference is that Kegworth is in Leichhardt, and my school is in Newcastle.
Music lessons are a bit different this year because of the pandemic situation but we are making the best of it.
What are the strings groups working on at the moment?
Our string groups are working on lots of things! Junior strings are working on playing scales in rounds, and songs called Allegro Variations and The New World Symphony. Senior Strings are working on a song called Medieval Kings, another one that some students may have heard of before called the Can-Can and (our favourite) Firework by Katy Perry. We are enjoying being able to make music together again after a long pause!
We’ve had to cancel a lot of Kegworth Events this year (sad) which one are you going to miss the most? 
I will miss all the Kegworth events, but especially The Autumn FARE and the Arts Unit Festival concert, which would have been at Town Hall this year. I am looking forward to hopefully being able to play at these lovely events with our Kegworth strings students again next year.
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