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Humans of Kegworth: Hilary, Treasurer of the P&C


How long have you been a human of Kegworth?
Since 2016
Is Kegworth anything like the school that you went to?
No it’s not. Its much more modern (yes I’m old!); all the teachers seem to know all the kids and there are great outdoor spaces
You are the treasurer of the P&C – what does that involve?
Being treasure of the P&C means I look after the money – what we raise and what we spend. I also provide reports on all of this to the Committee so we all have a clear picture of what is happening.
We’ve had to cancel a lot of school events this year (boo) which one will you miss the most?
Two are big stand outs for me – the FARE of course, which I was treasurer for too, and also the Trivia night! That’s a parents only one but it’s a great one!
You can meet more members of the P&C on our Humans of Kegworth page. 
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