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Special Report: Kegworth Athletics Carnival 2020

By Ruby and Sarah from The Press Gang

Everyone was really excited to go to the athletics Carnival at King George’s Oval, when all the kids arrived at school at 9:15am they went up to their classrooms and waited to be called out from the roll. Once the roll was done classes started to go down to the bottom playground to get into their buses, classes went into their busses.  

Then we where on our way to the oval! Once we arrived everyone was sorted into their house colours and set up their mats, some teachers came early to set up so the kids could just get straight into their races. Luckily there was no rain on the day and the races were brilliant to participate in.

It was really fun to go in, watch other people and of course to cheer for your friends and house colour.

Zara Issa won the first race of the day in the under 12s 800m race, everyone was cheering so loudly for that first race. The day kept on going with all the races and we started to do the field events with Ms Watkins doing discus and Mr Gela doing shot put.

After lunch the races started back up, after all the little kids raced, the K-2 classes went with their teachers to do the novelty events. While they were doing that we had to clean our house areas – the house with the cleanest area got 100 points. Ms Watkins judged and she couldn’t choose a winner so she gave 25 points to Blue and Yellow and 20 points to Green And 30 points to Red. Ms Seleny judged the house cheers and she gave 15 points to Yellow and Green, 30 points to Blue and 40 points to Red.

Overall everyone did a great job in every race even if they came last.

Here’s what some racers had to say… 

Zara Issa (Year 6): “The experience was amazing and I enjoyed my last races at Kegworth. It was a great day, I loved the sausage as well as hanging out with my friends. I felt sick at the starting line and i needed to go to the toilet and what was going through my head was that i am going to mess up or trip or something.

“I was in all the races I could go in including the field events. I came 1st place in the 800m and the 100m and 2nd place in the 200m. I was happy with all the results and had fun at the last Kegworth Athletics Carnival for me.”

Maxwell James (year 4): “I felt very puffed out during the 800m race. I was sweating while sitting down after a race. My day was really good and I loved to cheer for my friends and house colour.

“I was happy and nervous, I was looking around and saw my opponents then the whistle started and all I could think was to get in front of them. I came 5thin the 800m, 4th in the 200m and 3rd in the 100m. I didn’t come first in any of the races but I am still proud of myself. I went in all the races and the field events that I could go in, I went in because they are really fun and they get house points.”

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Isla, From Year 6, is the Editor of Kegworth Times.

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