10 Things We Can All Recycle

By Isla from The Press Gang

We all try to be sustainable, but sometimes it is hard, so the Kegworth Times is here to help you, here is a list of things that you can recycle, usually for free! Please feel free to write them down to help you remember.

1: Paper, the obvious but important one, always recycle paper, always!!!

2: Plastic, less obvious, equally important, super easy to find places to recycle it too.

3: Batteries, barely anyone knows, but it is actually super important, because the chemicals can leak into garbage if they are thrown out.

4: Rubber, it is hard to find places to do it, but people can and will recycle rubber.

5: TV’s & Computers, rare to recycle it, but it makes a huge difference!

6: Fabrics, People can easily recycle their clothes, so DO IT!!!

7: Thin Metal, it isn’t all that uncommon to recycle it either.

8: Glass, like metal, not uncommon and pretty simple.

9: Food Scraps, composting is really easy to find.

10: Hair, if you cut dog hair, places can turn it into wool ( I am not even kidding )!!!

Thank you for reading, we all need to put in the effort to do this, it isn’t always fun, but every individual scrap of food, every sheet of paper, every battery and every old tyre is making a difference, so keep on trying!

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