Five Ways To Reduce Plastic At Home

By Grace from the Press Gang

Last year my family took part in Plastic Free July. It was much harder than we expected – plastic is everywhere! But we learned a lot about reducing plastic.

This year Plastic Free July is going to be a lot easier because of all the changes we made last year!

Here are five permanent changes that we can all make.

  1. Get a Keep Cup or sign up to Green Caffeen 

It makes me sad when I see grown ups waling around with disposable coffee cups. Especially when they are sitting near a cafe! It’s pretty easy to get a keep cup (they sell them all over the place!) and if you are really forgetful you can use swap and go cups.

I think that if you’re not using a re-usable cup, you should just skip the coffee. You might think that one might hurt – but what if everyone said that?

2. Always carry a shopping bag (or three) 

Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

Lots of people remember to take shopping bags with them when they are doing grocery shopping, but plastic bags can still sneak into your house. If you always have a shopping bag on you then you’ll always be able to say “no thanks!” when you are offered a bag. My mum has a fold up shopping bag (or three) at the bottom of her handbag.

3. Use soap and shampoo bars 

Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

Our bathroom used to be full of plastic bottles. But since plastic free July we’ve cut way back. We have been using soap (My favoutite is honey and rose from the health food shop) and shampoo bars. Shampoo bars also take up less room in my swimming bag.

4. Shop at The Source Bulk Foods 

We discovered this shop last July, and it is amazing. You bring your own containers (or you can buy them there) and there is NO PLASTIC AT ALL! You can buy cereal, pasta, flour, dried fruits, lollies, peanut butter, and loads more. It was really fun to fill up the containers.

5. Say no to plastic 

It’s sad when the food you want to buy is wrapped in plastic – but you don’t have to buy it. Try to find something that isn’t wrapped in plastic instead. If enough people change the way they shop then maybe the people selling food will stop using plastic.

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