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Humans of Kegworth: Jen From Billy Lou


How long have you been a human of Kegworth? 

Up until this year I was part of the beautiful Kegworth community for nine years.
Billy Lou was born in 2010 and we have been fitting school, sport and fashion shoes on the gorgeous kids of Kegworth for 10 years now.

What is new at Billy Lou’s? 

When Covid 19 really hit we had to make a lot of changes. We did close our doors for 7 weeks and operated 100% online however we are now slowly opening our doors and we are open Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday with no more than 3 families in-store at any one time. On the other days everyone can shop on our awesome online store. We have the best Winter Collection in-store at the moment.

What are your top tips for buying school shoes? 

School shoes are SUPER important. It’s the one shoe they spend the most time in. Kids can do up to 2500km in them so my one tip is to get them fitted right and don’t buy cheap – they won’t last and if they aren’t fitted correctly it is going to cause more pain and money in the future.

What did you and your family get up to during the lockdown? 

I’ve been working heaps and I’ve really had a chance to re-look at Billy Lou and re-evaluate what works and what doesn’t. looking back at it I think it’s been a real learning experience.The kids are now in Year 7 & 9 so home schooling was not too bad at all. My hubby was working from home so was there to help.
We definitely did a lot more baking and cooking in the time and I had my Mum living with us too so was really nice to spend quality family time with her.

Shop at Billy Lou’s at 137 Norton Street (Entrance via Short Street) or on line at 

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