10 Things To Be Grateful For

By Isla From The Press Gang

If you are easily stressed, feel like you have nothing good, hate the life you have or are just plain bored, these will make your day. We all have great things, the only reason I am not doing 1000 is because it would be quite boring and a bit too long to type. But we get 10, so feel free to read it anyway!

1: We are lucky enough to have electricity, only ⅔ of the population of the world have this luxury, and that is ignoring the millions of years before it was made.

2: We have fresh water, and enough to last us a long time too. Only 3% of the world is made of fresh water, so now are you glad that you are drinking from a water bottle and not a puddle of water?

3: All of us ( I hope ) have close friends who love you just as you are, and that is something you should be proud of, because everyone deserves to have a person who respects you as an equal.

4: We should all be glad that we have a good school and an education, even if you find it boring, ( ok seriously, even I find it boring sometimes, there’s no use pretending ). Just remember that there are lots of kids in the world that don’t get to go to school.

5: We are lucky to have somewhere safe to live, with a bed, a shower and things to do if we get bored, believe it or not, a single bedroom flat is a luxury to some people.

6: Trees are important too, they make us fresh air, give us paper, food, lots, but have you ever thanked them? I doubt it, so do it now; THANKS TREES, WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOU ARE AWESOME! Come on, do it, don’t be shy…

7: We should also pay some respect to family, whether that means parents, uncles, aunts, foster parents or grandparents, we all should love them just for giving us a full life.

8: Chances are that 99% of you are reading this online, so, let’s thank the computers that make this, print it, let you copy links that could be attached to it, you name it, they can do it, so thanks technology!

9: If there were any pet lovers waiting for me to mention pets, now is the time to speak up, because let’s be honest, WE ALL LOVE DOGS, CATS, FISH, GUINEA PIGS, RABBITS AND ALL OTHER SMALL, FLUFFY, PETTABLE ANIMALS!

10: Books are one of the main sources of entertainment, and they have been around for thousands of years, so thank you books and the authors who wrote them for us, we admire you. Also whilst we are on the topic I wanted to say just how much I love the Hunger Games series, which Is probably the best series of books ever made. No joke! And the Percy Jackson series, with heroes of Olympus, the Legacy series by Pittacus Lore, oh god, getting off topic, sorry, I am so totally obsessive!

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