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The Corona Letters: To ‘Past’ Grace From ‘Present’ Grace

By Grace from The Press Gang

The Corona Letters is a series of letters from Kegworth Kids that capture the thoughts and feelings of the crazy times we find ourselves in.

Hi Grace from three weeks ago,

You are still happy at school. Enjoy it while you still can – soon you are going to be stuck at home. FORVER.

OK, it won’t really be forever, but it sure feels like it.

Home school sucks. You can’t concentrate because home is normally where you chill out. Mum and Dad will get cranky with you because they will be trying to do their work.

Mum will still make you wear school uniform because she thinks it will improve your mind set – BUT IT DOESN’T WORK.

The only up side is that you can sleep in a little longer in the morning!

Remember, stay happy, do not frown.


From Grace

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