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Invitation! Press Gang Is Now Open To All Stage 3 Kids In The Inner West

By Cat Rodie, Founder of the Kegworth Times

The Kegworth Times is an on-line school news paper produced by kids from Kegworth Public School in Leichhardt. Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit us, I was meeting with members of the Press Gang twice a week to discuss story ideas and help them develop their work. We had lots of fun making the paper and we’re all really proud of it.

The Press Gang is now a virtual club. And, for as long as schools are encouraging ‘mobile learning’, I’d like to extend an invitation to Stage 3 kids from any public school in the Inner West to join.

The Press Gang with Kegworth Times founder Cat Rodie (can you se her?)

What does this mean? 

I will send a weekly email with story ideas, tips for writing and a bit of encouragement.

If you submit a story, I will publish it.

You can write as many stories as you like.

What sort of stories can I write? 

Kegworth Times has lots of sections; news, opinion, sustainability, sport, entertainment and lots more.

We’re currently running a series called ‘The Corona Letters’ to capture some history and we’re also publishing ideas to make home school life more fun.

You can pretty much write anything you like!

Press Gang 2020

Will you publish cartoons? 

Absolutely! Cartoons are an important part of story telling!

How can I join the Virtual Press Gang? 

Please ask your mum, dad or carer to email admin@kegworthtimes.com – you’ll then be added tp the Press Gang mailing list.

Anything else I should know? 

Kegworth Times is an outlet for kids. There is no pressure to contribute. If you write one story and decide it’s not for you – that’s totally fine.

Hope to see you in the virtual Press Gang!

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