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Humans Of Kegworth: Daniel & Cal From Flood Street Carousel

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How long have you been making coffee for the Kegworth community?
We have been at flood street carousel for a little over 5 years.
Tell us a bit about you and Cal (I hope I have names right!)
We bought the cafe after we were both made redundant from Railcorp at the same time.
What’s been happening at Carousel this week?
We still are doing takeaways and can accomodate people as best we can from the sit down menu. To assist in a quick take away order try calling ahead 9650 9834.
We also retail!
Flood Street Carousel “private label” 100% Colombian goodness $15 per 250gm, $40 per kg. Bonsoy $4.50 per ltr or $24 a box of 6 and our delicious soy linseed (vegan friendly) sourdough $7.50 a loaf.
What do you like most about Leichhardt? 
The people of Leichhardt have shown us both so much love and loyalty during these troubling times that a time’s we have felt quite humbled. We wish you safety, health and well being in these horrid times. Flood Street carousel will stay open until the very last!

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