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The Corona Letters: To My Friends, From Isla

By Isla, Year 5, Deputy Editor of the Kegworth Times

The Corona Letters is a series of letters from Kegworth Kids that capture the thoughts and feelings of the crazy times we find ourselves in. 

Isla and her dog Nibbles

To all my friends at Kegworth, 

I really miss you, it’s so boring being stuck in my tiny bedroom all day, with only my family and the stick insects to keep me company.

Besides, no – one at home is a real friend, just family! I’ve only been here for 42 hours (2 days) and yet I’m getting this weird feeling, like I need to do something but can’t do it! I’m so tired of waiting until something else comes for me to work on.

I’m way too fast at this, today I literally had 3 things to do! Only 3!

It’s despairingly lonely here, and I wish I had you guys to talk too. I’ve tried to call you but I can’t really. And hearing all the sad stuff on the news, it’s so depressing. When will it get better?

Anyways, I miss you so much!!! 🐾

From Isla xxx

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