The Corona Letters

The Corona Letters: Dear Reader from Aya

By Aya, Year 4

The Corona Letters is a series of letters from Kegworth Kids that capture the thoughts and feelings of the crazy times we find ourselves in. 

Dear Kegworth Times Reader,

Everything feels so different, I’ve never felt like this before. It is like there is a constant cloud of worry surrounding me.

I am always hearing news and conversations about COVID19.

I keep on hearing different versions and point of views of situations and my head’s getting in all of a blur. Most of all everything is changing so frequently that I don’t know what’s going on.

Every unessential event is cancelled and also I have been doing all my school work from home because I’m not going to school. I really miss school and all my friends so much and will be happy when this is over.

The good thing is that I’ve been able to Skype my friends. All this has happened when I’m only at the age of ten and I would be sure to say that this fast spreading virus COVID19 has changed my life.

From Aya

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