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Stuck At Home With Boring Parents? Here Are Nine Fun Activities To Try

By Penny and Olivia

Being at home with your boring parents feels like you’re stuck in the mud. I’m here to help you to get unstuck when you’re bored! Here are nine fun things to do when you’re stuck at home with your parents.

  1. Organise your own Autumn F.A.R.E

Why wait for the Spring Soiree when you can hold your own Autumn F.A.R.E! You can have stalls where you can make your own showbags, open a petting zoo with stuffed toys, have a cake and lolly stall and Hoopla with prizes. Ask your parents to buy things using real money (and you get to keep the money).

  1. Start a cooking club

Ask your parents if they want help making breakfast like pancakes or eggs on toast. Help to measure out ingredients for baking a cake or cookies or make something easy like frozen milos or ice blocks.

  1. Make your own cinema

Turn off the lights, close the curtains, find some toys, get your yummiest snacks, make a comfy space with pillows and a blanket, watch your favourite movie and enjoy! 

  1. Have a virtual Easter hat parade

Invite your friends to an Easter hat parade. Wear your most Easter-y hat and ask your parents to video call your friends using a group video app like FaceTime or Skype!

  1. Have an Easter egg hunt

The best thing about Easter is chocolate! But if you don’t have chocolate eggs, you can use coins. One person hides the things and the other people have to find them all. Don’t forget to remember how many things you hid. Your parents might even dress up as the Easter Bunny for you!

  1. Start a gardening club

Did you know that you can grow things from the fruit and vegetables in your fridge? All you need is an egg carton and soil. Ask your parents to save the seeds from apples, pumpkins, avocados or save the white part and roots of a spring onion and put it in a glass of water and watch it grow. 

If you have succulents, just break off a leaf and put it on top of the soil. After a few weeks, a tiny succulent will grow out of the leaf. Then you can sell it at the Spring Soiree!

  1. Move your body! 

Did you know that you can exercise in a small space? You can do some yoga stretches, put on some Just Dance or make an exercise circuit. To make a circuit, get three pieces of paper and write one exercise on each piece of paper. Put the paper in a circle and then play some fast music. Do one exercise for 30 seconds and then move onto the next exercise. Keep going until you get tired!

  1. Look at the stars

You don’t need a telescope to go stargazing. Get a free augmented reality app like SkyView and you can look at the stars and planets in the sky, even when it’s cloudy. Sometimes you can see the International Space Station.

  1. Free choice time

Ask your parents if you can have some free choice time after you get your school work done. You get to do what you want like play a game like Minecraft, Cool Maths Games, Prodigy, Nintendo Switch; or Google image search cute animals (note from editor: make sure Safe Search is turned on) or watch YouTube Kids. Just tell your parents it is educational and they can have some quiet time.

  1. Make a quiet hideout

Kids need quiet time too. Put up a cubby, tent or go to a quiet corner of your room and relax with a book, a podcast or some music. If you have read and listened to everything at home, go to the free Inner West e-library [https://www.innerwest.nsw.gov.au/explore/libraries/e-library].

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