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Here Are Eight Prompts To Get Your Homeschool Journal Started

By Cat Rodie, Founder of the Kegworth Times

There are so many benefits to keeping a journal. It’s great way to process thoughts and feelings, it’s a stress buster and it can spark creative ideas. For kids that are ‘learning from home,’ it’s also a different way practice writing. On top of all this, it’s a great way to preserve history – what’s happening in the world right now is going to be a significant moment in human history.

Here are eight journal prompts to get you started:

Write a letter to the past 

If you could post a letter back through time what would you say to the you from the past? Pick a ‘you’ from a month ago, a year ago or if you want to go all the way back, write to baby ‘you;.

Write a list of all the things you love about homeschool/ learning from home 

Learning from home is so different from going to school. What are the things that you are enjoying about it? Make a list.

Write a list about all the things you are missing 

Of course, you’re bound to be missing some people and activities – make a list of everything you are missing out on.

Write a newspaper story about everything that happened in your house today 

Extra! Extra! Read all about it. Write about what is happening in your house in the style of a newspaper article. Pack the article with lots of facts (think who?, where?, why?, where?, when?, how?). You can also include some quotes from people that you live with.

Interview a relative via Facetime/skype/zoom 

What is happening in a different part of your suburb/state/country? Arrange to interview a relative or family friend via Facetime/Skype or Zoom. Plan the interview in advance by writing a list of questions.

Describe your bedroom 

Write a description of your bedroom. Include lots of detail; how do you feel when you are in your room? what is the best thing? what is your favourite toy?

Imagine you are an alien – write a report about life on earth to send back to the mother ship 

Write a report about life on earth right now. Assume the report is for an alien planet who know nothing at all about life on earth – in other words – explain what you mean by ‘laptop’, ‘homeschool’ and even ‘pet dog,’

What have you been eating lately? Write out the recipe 

What was the last family meal that you sat down and enjoyed with the people in your house? Make a copy of the recipe.

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