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BREAKING NEWS: Autumn FARE Postponed

By Cat Rodie

Kegworth Public School has made the difficult decision to postpone their Autumn FARE due to new health advice regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

The FARE committee have told the Kegworth Times that they’re working hard to secure a new date.

We will re-book the Dunk Tank and other games for later in the year

Kegworth Principal Mrs Perih notes that while the decision has been gut-wrenching it is the right thing to do. “It is such a shame, not only because of the incredible work that has already been undertaken by so many people behind the scenes, but because it’s such a fabulous community event,” she said.

“Sadly, like all the other mass gathering events that are now cancelled, we need to be proactive and make a responsible decision.”

To cheer up he Kegworth kids impacted by the postponement Mrs Perih has promised to go in the Dunk Tank twice – and we have it in writing!

Thanks for signing up as a volunteer – we still need you!

FARE co-ordinators Karen Laing and Robert Khoury have also expressed their disappointment.

“We have all put so many personal hours into this event, therefore are deeply saddened about what is evolving,” Karen told the Kegworth Times.

“However we want to present the best community event we can and it just doesn’t appear that April 5 is the best option. Postponing (not cancelling) feels like the responsible thing to do for our overall community.”

Don’t cook anything yet – it probably won’t keep!

Likewise, Robert notes that the Autumn FARE is, and has always been, about celebrating the strength and vibrancy of the Kegworth Community.

“The decision we have taken to postpone (as difficult as it has been) was made to ensure our community can have the event they deserve without the concerns the current situation so understandably generates,” he says.

“We may not have our Autumn FARE on April 5 but keep your party hats on for what will be an amazing Spring Soiree.”

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