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Drama Camp A Big Hit With Kegworth Kids

By Alexandra, Special Correspondent

This holidays Kids Up Front is running a holiday program at Kegworth and performing ‘The Magical Faraway Tree 2’. I have done a few of the camps and thought they were really great – my favourite was the Wizard of Oz but now I’m going to interview 3 people, Jake, Charly and April who have done way more camps than me.

How many Kids up Front camps have you done?

J: 17

C: 12

A: I have been going to Kids Up Front Camp since I started Kegworth. I’ve been to drama camp 18 times!

What do you enjoy most about the camps?

J: I like the fact that you make your costumes and they encourage you to make your own with what you have at home – you do not need to buy anything. The people who run the camps are really nice and they help you to learn.

C: That you get the chance to perform & to make friends. And a chance to show of your talents.

A: You make friends so easily and that every Camp – you always have a great time. The staff there are super nice and if you don’t feel confident enough to talk to them, there are younger staff who are happy to listen to anything you need to talk to them about or anything that’s getting you down.

What has been your favourite performance and why?

J: I really liked Aladdin.  I was Aladdin and I had a lot of fun learning all of the lines, and acting (where to come in, where to go off, what you should be doing while saying lines).

C: Loved the Superhero show as I love Marvel. It was a funny show. I was Professor Y which was a main part that taught me so much more about acting.

A: I’m not quite sure which play I liked the best, mainly because all of them are amazing! But if I had to choose I’d probably choose ‘The Lion Queen’ because the dancing was really fun and the acting was great. But mainly because I was Simba and I was lifted up in the beginning of the show.

Who else do you think would enjoy the camp? And why?

J: Great for anyone who wants to learn how to perform in front of people in general. You don’t have to know have any experience in drama to do the camps and enjoy them so anyone can join. When I first started the camps, I had stage fright because I was worried about making about mistakes.  But I learned at the camps that you can fix mistakes and make it look natural, so the audience doesn’t notice.

C: People who love to act, sing & perform. To overcome your fear of acting or stage fright. If you like the school show it’s even more fun because you get more opportunities to act.

A: I think Kids Up Front Camp is great for all types of kids. But I especially think Drama Camp is great for kids who love either dancing, singing or acting. Or even all three!

Find out more at www.kidsupfront.com.au/holiday-camps

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