Five Reasons To Watch ‘Behind The News’

By James from The Press Gang

Behind The News (BTN) is a news program for kids that I watch. It can teach you lots of stuff from Mars to war, and lots more. If I listed all the stuff that’s on BTN, it would fill up a whole page. That is what BTN is all about.

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Here are five reasons to watch!

Reason 1: It is super fun and it gives you the whole idea about one topic.

Reason 2: It is made especially for kids (but adults can watch it too.)

Reason 3. You can watch it on lots of different devices for example your tablet, your laptop and your TV via ABC me.

Reason 4. It even has a program for the classroom.

Reason 5. Teaches can use it to help them teach kids about things that are in the news. 

Check out BTN right here.

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