Toilet Paper Crisis: Are Grown Ups Crazy?

By Maddi, Orla and Violet from The Press Gang

Toilet paper is racing off supermarket shelves as Australia prepares for a potential coronavirus pandemic.

Woolworths stripped, Aldi stripped, Coles stripped! Essential items like toilet paper, water and hand sanitiser, have been walking off the shelves as have pantry staples including bread, flour, rice, canned food and pasta. 

As the first Australian died from coronavirus on Sunday people are starting to go crazy with fear  

This coronavirus outbreak has left Aussies fighting for toilet rolls. There have even been cases where the police have been called in!

But why toilet paper? 

Perhaps this is the worst doomsday scenario being stuck on the toilet and down to your last square imagine your entire family fighting over the last piece of toilet roll  – you wouldn’t like that would you?

Before long people will be sacrificing their hands and beloved trees just for a number two.                                   

Please can all the grown ups just calm down?!

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