Why You Should Run For SRC

By Isla from the Press Gang

‘Ok, calm down, you can do this!’ I tell myself over and over. The teacher is counting up the votes for council and I’m tense with nervousness. Then the votes come out. It’s me! I’m an SRC! Yes! It feels amazing!

SRC is a group of students that meet each week to decide what sort of fundraisers the school will have. Running for SRC can be hard. You need to be smart, friendly and, of course, ready to commit, but it is a great opportunity to give your opinion on the greater matters at our school. Besides, it makes you popular, who doesn’t want that? SRC stands for Student Representative Council, which is a fancy way to say, an epic decision – making group. So if you are willing to give it a try, have a go, you never can guess what might happen!

If you’re still not convinced, here’s a list of cool things that you do in SRC!
– Designing, painting and drawing posters for events
– Choosing what to raise money for
– Creating and Approving new school clubs
– Planting plants in the SRC garden and…
– Sacking teachers! (not)

Photo by Mesh on Unsplash

So, you want to join, but how? You never paid attention to how people got in! Here’s how it works:
– Put yourself on the SRC class list, all teachers make one
– Write a short ( 2 – 5 paragraphs or so ) speech on why you should be a representative
– Practice your speech well
– On the day, speak clearly before you…
– Vote for someone running, you could even choose yourself!

So, rest assured you’ll do well with this. If you need any tips, loads of people can help you! Parents, teachers and friends will love to help you achieve your goals. Remember, be bold, be brave and be strong when you are speaking and I hope to see you on stage, receiving your badge!

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