EXCLUSIVE: Toothbrush Donations Make Kegworth Garden Grow

By Percy from The Press Gang

Kegworth Public School is a very environmentally friendly school. One of the main contributors to this is year 4 teacher, Ms Radburn. Right now she’s collecting toothbrushes! Here, Press Gang’s Percy gets the scoop on where are old toothbrushes are going. 

Percy: “So how many toothbrushes have you got so far?

Ms Radburn: “Not many yet, but my hopes are high!” 

Percy: “How long are you going to be collecting them for and what exactly can you bring in? 

Ms Radburn: “I’m doing it for the whole year and you can bring in anything related to dental health even the packaging.”

Photo by Superkitina on Unsplash

Percy: “Is there anything you’re keeping a secret that you can give up for the Kegworth Times?”   

Ms Radburn: “Well we’re going to use the funds to buy a new garden and guess what?

Percy: “What?”

Ms Radburn: “All the gardening equipment is going to be made from whatever dental recycling you send in!”.

Thanks so much to Miss Radburn for her time and please remember to bring all your dental health recycling to school. And of course, remember to brush your teeth – it’s good for the environment!  

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