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Humans of Kegworth: Ms Williams from 4W


Ms Williams with her son, Harry

How long have you been a human of Kegworth? 

I have been a human of Kegworth for a very, very, very long time. When I first came to the school, worked with Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 kids and teachers. For the past 5 years I have enjoyed working with Year 3 and 4.

What has changed about the school since you started? 

Kegworth has always been a great school to work at. I’ve enjoyed every class that I have had the pleasure of teaching. It is and always has been a friendly place, teachers, kids and parents working together. The K-2 playground and the basketball court across the road did not look as good as it does today and the Autumn FARE did not exist when I first started at Kegworth.

Is Kegworth anything like the primary school that you went to? 

I grew up in Glebe and went to a small school there. I loved every minute of my Primary School Years. Like Kegworth I had a great sense of belonging and community, which I think is important. It was a very long time ago, many things have changed like how we learn at school. I remember doing a project on Ancient Egypt when I was in about Year 5, I thought it was so much fun to copy everything from the Encyclopedia and other books. That would not happen today, kids are taught to investigate, think and ask questions before they begin a study of something; we also use a variety of sources to find out. I think kids today a taught to think about and see things from a variety of perspectives.

What do you do with your time when you are not busy at Kegworth? 

Outside of school I belong to a Bookclub, I enjoy going to the theatre with my sister (the other Ms Williams), I love long walks, particularly in the bush, I play AFL 9s, watch the Swans when I can and I love hanging with my 13 Year old son Harry. Above all I like swimming, surfing, boogie boarding or snorkelling in the Ocean. I really love the beach, particularly Murray’s and Cave Beach on the South Coast.

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