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OPINION: Why Bunnies Are The Best

By Anna from The Press Gang

Bunnies are the best animal because they are soooooooo cute.

Bunnies are the best pets because you can play with them and feed them.

Bunnies are the best animal because you can pat them or hold them.

Bunnies like to run around a lot and they like to eat carrots.

Bunnies are the best animal because they know when you are sad and happy.

Bunnies also like to be petted and hop around.

Bunnies are an amazing animal because of all of this reasons and bunnies 

Are also very clever just like detectives and bunnies are found in lots of places for example a garden or a forest or a park or a sale for bunnies.

Bunnies also know if your its owner or not that is all I know about bunnies.    

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