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Five Reasons To Go To The Kegworth Autumn F.A.R.E

By Ynys and Audrey from The Press Gang

  1. The Rides 

There are a lot of super fun rides to go on, such as the Rocket, the Zoomer, the Teacups and the Tornado. The Rocket is a flight simulator that tilts from side to side. We recommend this ride because we don’t know what’s coming next and we get really excited!  The Zoomer is a thrilling ride where you sit in a chair and it lifts into the air and you start spinning. 

2. The Music 

You can enjoy and contribute to the music program. If you are in band, strings, recorder or choir you can have fun playing your instrument or singing up on the stage. If you want a good laugh you can watch the parent bands. 

3. The Games 

Fun games galore at the Kegworth Autumn F.A.R.E. The best game there is the dunking tank where you throw the ball and if you hit the target you get to destroy adults day by dunking them in water. (What? They signed up for it!) There is also the ring toss. If you get the ring on the hook, you will win a prize. Also if the parents want a nice drink they can play the adult ring toss where you can win a nice glass of wine. ( Be careful adults, don’t drink too much wine because you may get drunk!) 

4. The Petting Zoo        

At the back, near the preschool, you will find the cuteness of the petting zoo where you can pet animals such as baby goats, little chicks, hamsters and bunnies you can hold. 

Beware, the animals might poop on you. ( P.S It is quite dangerous because you might die from cuteness overload!)   


5. The Food! 

The food!!!! There is a large range of food and drink including ice cream, cotton candy, cupcakes, brownies and much more( You can even bring in your own food) The drinks are slushies, juice boxes, soft drinks such as coke, pepsi, sprite and solo. The deliciousness is unreal!       

Come along to the 2020 Kegworth Autumn F.A.R.E, Sunday 5th April, 9 till 3! Click here for more F.A.R.E news! 

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