School News: Kegworth’s 2020 Swimming Carnival

By Ruby and Asher from The Press Gang

Leading up to the swimming carnival everyone was really nervous that it wouldn’t be on however when we found out it was on we were super excited and we couldn’t wait to get there and swim our little hearts out.

Everyone went up to their classroom and sat down to hear their name be called out by their teachers and everyone started to walk down the stairs in joy and excitement. Everyone started to line up to get into their bus, all the buses started to leave.   

Photo by Marcus Ng on Unsplash

When we got there everyone hopped off the bus and set up their towels in their house colour. First up there was the swimming test where everyone had to hop in the pool and swim 25 metres. Then there was the girls 100m freestyle and it kept on going until the end.

While the races were on Mr T called out on the loudspeaker and said that we could go to the canteen. Everyone got their money and went to the canteen to get their yummy goods, the line was super long it took about 30 minutes to get to the front.

They also started to do novelty events, Mr T called out year by year to go into the kids pool. We started to do the cheers Blue went first then Green and then Red and last was Yellow house. Red house won the cheers overall, we started to clean up and leave.

When we made it back to school it was around 2:45. We waited for the bell to ring so we could go home and rest. 

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