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Humans Of Kegworth: Dustin The P&C Secretary



How long have you been a Human of Kegworth?
Just over 5 years

Is Kegworth anything like the primary school that you went to?

No, Kegworth is smaller and much friendlier than the primary schools I went to. Kegworth has a much richer community.

When did you become P&C Secretary? 

I became the P&C Secretary after the 2018 AGM. This is my second full year performing the role.

As Secretary it’s my role to provide support to the rest of the Executive by coordinating and organising the meeting agendas and meetings each month. In addition I perform some of the other administrative tasks such as providing information back to the NSW P&C organisation about our various activities, sorting out the insurances and ensuring that we meet our obligations as a charitable organisation to ACNC.

Oh, and making cheeky comments during the meetings!

What do you enjoy most about being part of Kegworth’s P&C?

The best part of being a part of the P&C is being actively involved in supporting both the school and our kids. Coming up with ideas and solutions that help improve the kids’ education.

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