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Three Great Reasons To Volunteer At The Autumn F.A.R.E


We don’t need to convince you that Kegworth’s Autumn FARE is a fantastic fundraiser and a great family day out One of the things that makes the FARE really special is the great community vibe – and that comes from our wonderful volunteers.

If you haven’t volunteered before, here five reasons to get involved.

1. Make new friends 

Hey, don’t knock it. It’s hard to make friends when you’re a grown up. Volunteering at the Autumn FARE, even if it’s just for a couple of hours, gives you a chance to get to know other Kegworth parents. And while you might not come away with a new BFF, you might have a new mate to talk to at school pick up. And that is a beautiful thing.

2. Experience that volunteering feel good factor 

If only we could bottle the volunteering-feel-good-factor! (seriously! we could flog it for $50 a pop!!). There is actual scientific* research to show that volunteering makes you feel good. Revel in the joy of knowing you’ve dedicated your time for a good cause.

3. Help raise funds for Kegworth 

The sad truth is that public schools rely on the efforts of P&C fundraisers. Kegworth is an awesome school – we want to keep it that way!

More information on how to sign up is coming soon!

*Ok, maybe not scientific exactly, but still…


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