Why 2020 Is The Year Of the Rat

By Penny from the Press Gang

On the 25th January 2020, I will be celebrating Lunar New Year with my family. This year is the Year of the Metal Rat. The Rat is the leader of the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac. The Year of the Rat will bring new beginnings and good luck.

The order of the animals was decided by the Jade Emperor. He invited the animals to take part in a race across a river. The clever Rat came first because it rode on the back of the Ox and hopped off the Ox’s back before it got to the finish line! After the Ox came the Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster and Dog. The Pig came last.

I like Lunar New Year because I will eat yummy food and spend time with my family. I also like getting money in the red packets! This Lunar New Year, I will donate my money to the Rural Fire Service and my sister will donate her money to WIRES to help the people and animals affected by the bush fires.

What animal of the Chinese Zodiac are you? If your year is not here, just skip count in 12’s and you will find your animal!

Rat: 2008, 2020

Ox: 2009

Tiger: 2010

Rabbit: 2011

Dragon: 2012

Snake: 2013

Horse: 2014

Goat: 2015

Monkey: 2016

Rooster: 2005, 2017

Dog: 2006, 2018

Pig: 2007, 2019

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