Seven Reasons For Kegworth Kids To Be Excited About 2020

By Eadie and Amanda from the Press Gang

There are so many reasons for Kegworth kids to be excited about 2020. Here, Press Gang members Eadie and Amanda talk through the big ticket items on their list.

Kegworth is getting a new dishwasher!
Kegworth will be getting a new dishwasher and we won’t be using plastic anymore and all the classes get a bag with forks spoons and knives. We’re getting the dishwasher for Kim (the canteen lady) so we can use less plastic and more bowls and metal.

Crazy Hair Day
Crazy hair day is an event where everyone in the school comes to school with crazy hair like, some people have barbies in their hair, their hair is sprayed multicoloured and braids all over their head. Most people enjoy it.

The Art Show
The art show is an event that happens every second year on the first year we have the performing arts but the next time that is happening in is 2021. So, the art show is where very class makes a piece of art, including a big canvas made with lines of different colours and so on. It happens in the junior playground in the hall and then your pieces of art is shown on the stage with usually Ms Williams.

The Autumn F.A.R.E.
Imagine a hot, busy day filled with rides, food, dinks and all of your friends at K.P.S. Well it is day of Kegworth dwellers. Every autumn Kegworth holds a fare in the senior playground with… aeroplane rides, giant slides and floating chair rides. It is organised by the parents of KPS. Everyone enjoys it, friends, refreshments and rides! What better can it get?

Swimming Carnival
Every year, stage 1 to 3 goes to a swimming carnival. There are little games you can play when it is you classes time to do them, it is in a 50m pool and you just have lots of fun while some people are racing: butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle or medley (all of them.)

At the end you get to play in a waterpark. There are house colours including: Blue, Yellow, Red and Green. Each house colour makes up a couple of unique chants and who ever is the loudest and the best wins house points that help you get more points for your house and whoever gets the most points gets an end of term party.

Photo by Sandro Schuh on Unsplash

Athletics Carnival
The athletics carnivals have lots of different activities including: shot-put, discus, 100m, 200m, 800m and 1500m for more advanced runners. It is the same with the house points in every carnival. Whoever gets the best 3 goes to zone, then regionals and so on. It is at a very large athletic park.

Cross Country
Cross country is a running system where 1-2 runs 2 kilometres and 3-6 runs 3 kilometres. Whoever gets into the top six goes to zome, girls vs girls and boys vs boys.

The Halloween Disco 
We don’t have to say much about the Halloween Disco because we all know it’s the social even OF THE YEAR.

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