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Year Six Reflect On Life At Kegworth

By Regina from the Press Gang

For seven years us Year sixes have been at this amazing school and had lots of memories from this place. We’ve had ups and downs as well as some very important moments.Here our some year sixes to share their memories with us.

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Ella: My favourite memory is the 2019 performing arts concert because when I was up on stage everyone was clapping and cheering and I honestly almost cried knowing that this was what we’d been working for all term.

On the first day of Kindergarten I remember walking into my class and crying. I was so overwhelmed by how big and amazing it was. Looking back on it I realised that it might have been one of the best days of my life.

Regan: When I first walked into the school everyone rushed up to me and introduced themselves, it was a bit overwhelming but I knew that Kegworth would be a great school and I would make lots of friends.

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Riley: On the first day of school I walked into my classroom and wished to be greeted with smiling faces but I soon realised I was alone. Until a girl named Abbie asked me to be my friend. So we were friends until year 2 when she moved away which was sad but I soon made friends with other people in my year.

Regina: On my first day in kindergarten I was very shy. Although I knew many students in my class from preschool I hadn’t known the teacher. Mrs Giardina soon came over to introduce herself  because I wasn’t going to leave my mothers side any time soon. After she introduced herself my friends Mackenzie and Inara came and took me away to play with them and some other kids I’d never known. I made many friends on the day some that have managed to stay at Kegworth until now and some who have sadly gone.

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 As you can see Kegworth for us year sixes has been an incredible school filled with laughter, friendship and kindness. Over the last seven years here we’ve all grown to love the teachers and students who have accompanied us throughout our journey.  We will miss this school very much and will always treasure our most memorable memories from Kegworth for the rest of our lives.

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