Two Kegworth Year Four Kids Off To Join OC Program

By Owen from the Press Gang

Kegworth Year Four kids Skye and OH are leaving Kegworth to join Opportunity Classes at Balmain and Wilkins Public Schools.

Press Gang reporter Owen sat down with them to find out what they will miss about Kegworth.

Skye is leaving Kegworth to join the OC program.

Owen: What will you miss about Kegworth?

OH: all my friends and how small the school is and my strings group. I will miss Ms Williams because she found the best motto in the world “be more dog”!  And all the other teachers that taught me.

Skye: I’m going to miss all my friends and the music programs because I met some new frIends  and the press gang because I love writing.

What was your favourite thing about Kegworth?

OH: It’s probably the library because it’s so quiet and relaxing, and it’s full of good books to read.

Skye: Mr Toovey teasing Ms Williams and Mr Roberts at assembly.

Are you going to miss the no homework policy?

OH: Yes because next year homework is going to take some of my time.

Skye: I’m looking forward to getting homework!

Good luck Skye and OH! You will be missed.

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