Humans of Kegworth

Humans Of Kegworth: Kate, Music Tutor And Band Conductor


How long have you been a Human of Kegworth? 

I have been working as a music tutor at Kegworth for three years, and I went to Kegworth primary school about 20 years ago.

What do you remember most about your first day at Kegworth?

I remember coming back to the school to teach and feeling like a giant. Everything such as the chairs and the ceilings are so much smaller than I remember.

What was Kegworth like when you were a student?

When I was a student at Kegworth we still had Ms Perry and many of the same teachers. The building is still painted the same bright colour but we had to do homework.

What is your favoutite Kegworth event?

My favourite Kegworth event is Kegworth Music Night because I get to hear amazing tunes! It is great to see how quickly all the students progress on their instruments and how much skill Kegworth children have.

Have you watched our special video report about Kegworth Music Night? Click here to see it now!


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