Special award For Kegworth Eco-Warriors

Kegworth’s prestigious environmental award has been presented to four students from Ms Radburn’s class.

Award winners!

Jade, Hermione, Jena and Jacinta won the award for their tireless work organising bags of bottles and cans for Kegworth’s Envirobabk. In addition to sorting through sacks of recycling, the girls have been removing lids so that Kegworth can contribute them to Lids for Kids, a scheme that turns plastic bottle tops into artificial limbs for children.

“Ee had to take all the lids off the bottles and un-crush them them if they were crushed,” Jacinta told the Kegworth Times.

It can be stinky but the girls are dedicated to making Kegworth a more sustainable school

It was often smelly work. “A lot of the bottles haven’t been washed out and there are often quite a few milk bottles in the sacks,” explained Hermione.

If you are collecting bottles and cans for the Envirobabk next year the girls ask that you rinse them out before putting them in the orange sacks.

Look for many bottle tops we have collected!

“Please wash out your bottles because they are absolutely gross when you don’t! Some of them smell really bad,” said Jade.

“Yes,” added Jena. “wash your bottles!”

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