VIDEO: Why We Need A Dishwasher!

By Isla, Vienna, Eden & Sophie from The Press Gang

As we all know, Kegworth is a school that takes responsibility for the environment, and right now we’re planning on getting a dishwasher to reduce plastic containers and cutlery. As well as being good for the environment, proper cutlery and plates are easier to use. Numbers of plastic cutlery and containers each week are becoming higher and higher, causing more and more plastic to go to landfill. This is causing more chemicals to leak into the ground. this is bad for animals and plants. If we use reusable cutlery and plates it will largely reduce the amount of plastic in landfill.

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To us going around the school seeing plastic in every bin makes us feel bad for the lovely animals and plants here at kegworth. What terrible people would try to spoil our planet? To change our ways would be better for everyone. Now we’ve got over 7 different programs to help the environment running all over the school. From raising money, like Envirobank, to generally recycling, like our soft plastics bins, Kegworth needs all the help we can get. 

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As well as being better for plants and animals, a dishwasher can help save water. While a commercial sink can use up to 30 – 50 litres of water per sink full, a dishwasher uses only 2 – 3 litres to wash one cycle. Because we’re in a time of drought, every litre matters, and now we’re nearing an even hotter, dryer Summer. Water restrictions have already been put in and we need to save as much of this precious resource as possible.

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Still though, we can’t solve the problem of plastic containers. Even if we do ask for no plastic, our poor canteen can’t always remember. We need more money to raise this. Every year we throw away thousands and thousands of tons of hard, non – scrunchable plastic. This needs to stop.

Basically, we throw away too much hard plastic so we want to fix it by using re – usable plates, spoons and forks!

The Good news is that we might have a dishwasher! Ash (April’s mum) has donated a dishwasher from her cafe The Tea Cosy to Kegworth – fingers crossed that it fits!! We’ll have another update soon.

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