10 tips to make you a faster swimmer

By Owen from The Press Gang

Hi my name is Owen I’m awesome at swimming. I practise two times a week at Leichhardt Aquatic Centre.  I just moved up to Silver Squad and I am the youngest – all the other swimmers in my squad are teenagers. I am 10. 

Owen at the Regionals earlier this year.

Recently I went to regionals for swimming and I represented Balmain zone. When I started swimming I wasn’t very good at it, then I practiced and I got better and better. 

Here are my tips to improve your speed in the water.

Photo by Marcus Ng on Unsplash
  1.  While you are swimming you should make you hands in to scoop position.
  2.  When you are diving put your arms behind your head. 
  3.  When you’re swimming breaststroke, touch the wall with two hands. 
  4.  In freestyle you should kick (with straight legs) the whole time.   
  5.  Also when you get in the water you should do at least do five butterfly kicks in the water.
  6.  At the start of your race, you should pace yourself, then when you get to the half way point, go as fast as you can.
  7.  If you wear short swimmers that will help you go faster.
  8.  I do not recommend to do  floppy arms in a race because that will make you slower.
  9. If you you go and train once a week that will progress your swimming skills.
  10. If you go in a race try your hardest!

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