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Five Ways to Reduce Waste This Christmas

By Skye and Alannah from The Press Gang

As Christmas approaches we are all excited but have you thought about how much waste we make at this time of year? 

Here are five ways that you can help.

Christmas trees

Photo by Arun Kuchibhotla on Unsplash

If you get a fake plastic Christmas tree then have you thought about all the cardboard it comes in and the bubble wrap? What about all the tiny pieces that stick on your socks? Now, you may think the ideal solution is a real tree but what about all the space it takes up, what if it didn’t fit in your house or worse your green bin. Also cutting it down makes carbon climate alert! So how about this Christmas you try getting a small cute cheap and waste reducing mini tree.

Christmas wrapping paper

Photo by Nathan Lemon on Unsplash

Wrapping paper is so wasteful. It fills up your bin and can creep out naughtily and get into the environment. Can’t you try to reuse it or use bags instead. How about you open your wrapping paper really carefully and make sure you don’t rip it and then use it for other people. If you do rip it put a sticky ribbon made of paper you can recycle on top.

Christmas meals 

Photo by Chad Stembridge on Unsplash

Christmas meals are normally very expensive depending on how many people you have to feed and what happens if you can’t eat all of them then you are wasting money and food. Turkey and meat are from animals and think about how many animals your killing especially if the meat isn’t r.s.p.c.a approved. Lots of food is put in boxes or plastic so this year how about you try growing some veggies as well as meat so then you stay healthy and save the animals by not having as much meat. Trying to stop using plastic and boxes is also a good idea. Also, why don’t you try eating more at home to make sure you don’t use as much take-away bags or boxes. 


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

 Decorations are everywhere so this year………Try to use the same decorations over and over unless they break or start to wear out, therefore you will save money on buying decorations each and every year. Try to be crafty with your decorations and make your own not only will it save the environment and save your money it will look way better and more nice if you do it by yourself. It will save the environment by not using too much bubble wrap, boxes and plastic. Holy reefs are also a big problem because of the tiny bits of microplastic that go into the ocean and fish swallow them and also a bird might make a home in it and when you take it down a bird will swoop on you ahhhhhhhhh!

Plastic and paper cups and plates

Image: The Source Wholefoods, Balmain

Do we even need to talk about these – soooooooooo wasteful. To start with they go to landfill, the heaven for waste at Christmas. If landfill fills up we have to make more and more landfills which is terrible! Single use items don’t last long and they are terrible for fish and natural things. What if the food sticks to it then you are wasting food. If they are broken they can be sharp and you can cut yourself and noeone wants blood on their food and drinks.also what is the point to use them if all you do is put food on them who forgot normal cutlery, plates and cups? This year just use your own stuff, why not?

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