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Humans Of Kegworth: Dadapalooza!


Who is in Dadapalooza?
Robert Khoury, Anton Emdin, Mark Holbert and Scott deBernardi
How long have you all been Humans of Kegworth?
Anton has been a HoK for almost 8 years, Mark, Scott and I for 6
How did Dadapalooza get together? 
I [Robert] hadn’t been in a band for many years and by the time Amelia was in Year 2 and I started to realise how many musicians there were among the parent group I just put the word out that I was looking. In the end I didn’t have to look far as we were all parents of children in the same class!


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What are your most popular songs?
I think Boys In Town by Divinyls or Alone With You by The Sunnyboys

What advice would you give to Kegworth kids who want to play in a band?
Find people to play with who can also be good friends. If you enjoy spending time together the rehearsal time doesn’t feel like work and the audience can see that camaraderie when you perform

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