Five Amazing Google Easter Eggs

By Finley, Tech Editor of the Kegworth Times

Imagine you’re sitting down at your computer bored to completion. You’re wondering what you can do now that you have this time on your hands. You could play a game but you’re not really feeling like it. Well I have the cure for your boredom, EASTER EGGS!! No, not the one that you eat in April but the secret games you can play on google. My purpose is to show you what these spectacular easter eggs have to offer.

No! Not those Easter Eggs!

1 . Thanos Easter Egg

This first one is for all the nerds like me. This is the thanos easter egg. Spoilers for anyone who hasn’t or wants to see Avengers Infinity War and Endgame. At the end Thanos does the signature snap that everyone knows about but what you didn’t know is that you can re-enact this sad scene on google. If you search up thanos on google you can click the gauntlet and the websites start to fade away just like some of the avengers. If you want to stop this process just click the gauntlet again to restore the sites though they may appear green.

2. Wizard of Oz Easter Egg

For all the oldies, this is the one for you. You know that old movie, Wizard of Oz. What am I kidding, of course you do. All you have to do is search up Wizard of Oz and click the red slippers. Not only does it make the screen spin but it adjusts the lighting to make it look like an old film. As an add on you can click the tornado as it appears, to bring out a house and reverse the changes but the colours and lighting stay the same. If you want to change this just reload the page then it’s back to normal and you’re ready for the next easter egg.

Gah! GOOGLE Easter Eggs!

3. Atari Breakout Easter Egg 

This one is sure to break your mind.if you search up atari breakout on google and click images then let the fun begin while you play your heart out on google. If you have finished relishing this lovely easter egg, then just click return to images and you’re ready for the next egg.

4. Do a Barrel Roll Easter Egg

This one is a simple and easy one but amusing at the same time. All you are required to do is to search up (on google obviously) do a barrel roll and it produces a dynamically spinning view of the search site.

I give up!

5. Anagram Easter Egg

This one is very subtle and requires no effort for the most part. If you search up anagram and then look at the “did you mean” area, it will come up as ‘nag a ram’, which itself is an anagram. Cool huh

I hope your boredom was eliminated to subatomic particles but also those aren’t the only easter eggs you can try. If you search up google easter eggs it will come up with a list that, for people who are bored, is heaven. #boredomsucks

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