Pets of Kegworth

Pets of Kegworth: Another Ziggy! (And Her Mate Burger)

By Vienna from The Press Gang

This is Ziggy, Ziggy is a cavoodle but people say she doesn’t really look like one but she still is extremely cute.

Ziggy is 3 but she is turning 4 in a couple of weeks. Ziggy loves hugs, kisses and she loves to play.

One thing Ziggy loves to do is play hide and seek. She is very entertaining and energetic but everyone still loves her humans, especially  me .

Ziggy has a brother called Burger they don’t like each other that much, they kind of ignore each other, well I know Burger ignores Ziggy.

Burger is my cat and Burger is 15 he’s birthday is December 11, that is quite old but if you look at that picture of him, he doesn’t look that old does he?

Burger used to love playing but Burger is starting to get a bit old so he doesn’t play as much but he does love sleeping and cuddling.

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