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Sing Your Heart Out At Carols On Norton

By Gauri and Kara from The Press Gang

Carols on Norton is a fun kids and adults choir that performs in Pioneer Park every December. The 2019 Carols on Norton concert is on Sunday 22 December. 

To find out more, we interviewed on Ilaria from Year 5 about her experience in the choir.

Image/FacebookLeichhardt Espresso Chorus

 Why did you join?

 I decided to  join because my friends were doing it.

 Was it a fun experience? 

 Yes, i liked it because I got to practice there every Friday. 

Did you like the concert? 

Yes, I had lots of fun singing carols and having a picnic  with friends and family.

What was your favourite moment? 

Image: Facebook/Leichhardt Espresso Choir

My favourite moment was when I got to hang out with my friends at the concert. 

Was the teacher nice? 

Yes, she helped me with the singing. 

What is your favourite carol?    

Jingle Bells, because I already knew it.

Would you recommend joining the choir? 

I would definitely recommend it because it was an exciting experience.

How do you sign up?

Rehearsals and registration take place on Friday November 29 at Leichhardt Public School at 4pm.

Rehearsals continue each Friday from 4pm-5pm until concert day.

For more information about Carols on Norton please visit the Leichhardt Espresso Chorus website here.

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