Pets of Kegworth

Pets Of Kegworth: Ziggy The Dog

By Grace from the Press Gang


What is your name?

Ziggy! But my humans also call me, Zigs, Zigster, Ziggy pops and Fur Face.

What type of pet are you? 

I’m a rescue dog!

How long have you been a pet of Kegworth?

I’ve been a part of Kegworth for just under seven months. Wow it has gone so fast!

Who are your humans?

Of course that’s easy Grace from year 4 ,Cerys from year 3 ,Dustin of P&C fame and Cat who some kids might know from Press Gang. Cat my favourite.

Grace and Ziggy

What is your favourite thing to do during the day?

Mostly I chew up  things to make my mum cross. I love to go on walks walks walks walkety
walks. To clear this up, what I really love is chasing a ball. Occasionally I will also bring the ball back.

What is your most annoying habit?

TBH, I don’t always do what I’m told to, but in my defence, neither do Grace and Cerys. I also chew up stuff that I’m not supposed to, like Grace’s soccer boots and mum’s new sandals.

I get in trouble when I jump up at little kids, but I don’t get it – I am just trying to be friendly!

Now where’s my ball this time!!!

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