REVIEW: Dadapalooza At The PBC

By Cerys from Year 3

Last Sunday I saw Dadapalooza at the one and only Petersham Bowling Club.

The room in which they performed was very small and the Kegworth Kids sat at front the front and the adults were standing at the back.

There were even some teachers there! It was weird seeing teachers outside of school, it was almost like they were real people. Many students see their teacher, as a person who gives them hard maths equations, not a person who turns up to see a cool band play on a Sunday afternoon!

I missed the fist bit of Dadapalooza because we were having dinner upstairs, but we arrived in time to see them perform my mum’s favoutite David Bowie song, Suffragette City. I could tell she enjoyed it because she was bopping up and down on a chair and singing along.

I thought that the best bit of the night was when Ash, April’s mum, got up and started singing with the band. The crowd went wild after the song finished! It almost burst my eardrums!

I haven’t been to many concerts but Dadapalooza were definitely almost as good as Adele at ANZ Stadium in 2017. If you get a chance, I highly recommend seeing them. Just remember to bring your earplugs – they sure are loud!

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