Shock As Red Belly Black Snake Spotted Near Kegworth

By Mace from the Press Gang

There has been a Red Belly Black Snake spotted on the corner of Kegworth and Tebbutt street.

Credit: Facebook

Kegworth year 6 student, Finn, told the Kegworth Times that it is very scary news. “It’s bad news. People will be scared to come to school,” he said.

Sophia, also from year 6, agreed,  “kids will be climbing trees like koalas trying to get away from it!” she said.

But Kegworth parent, Simon witnessed the snake catcher taking the snake away. “Walking with the girls to their musical soiree at school and we come across professional snake handler on our street!” he wrote on Facebook.

Credit: Simon Rudd

“Thought he was being super friendly waving to us as we crossed the road towards him.

“No, it was to warn us of a poisonous red belly.”

Grace, from year 4, said that she isn’t that scared. “This is the first time I’ve heard of a snake in Leichhardt!,” she told the Kegworth Times.

Be extra careful around Kegworth. If you spot anything suspicious tell the nearest adult. If you are the nearest adult then call a licensed snake handler who can deal with the snake for you.


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