Kegworth’s Mr Roberts Set To Headline Petersham Bowling Club This Sunday

By Finley and Mackenzie from Press Gang

Today we will be interviewing Mr Roberts about his band, MJ Delux, and some allegations that he will never play his song ‘Tiny Bubbles’. 

When asked how he is feeling about the Petersham Bowling Club gig on Sunday he replied: “Im very excited about Sunday but there is a bit of pressure knowing that students might be there making fun of me.”

Image: Facebook/MJDeluxe

To be honest mr Roberts, that might be true but on to the next question. Who is in your band, Anyone famous?

“You mean besides me? no, only my brother in law, my really good friend that I’ve known for the longest time, my brother in law’s best friend and of course myself.”

Image: Facebook/MJDeluxe

Addressing the serious question of ‘Tiny Bubbles’, Mr Roberts admitted that it’s not on the set list for Sunday.

“I will make sure I eventually fulfil the promise I made two years ago,” he told us. 

So there you have it, the allegations are true and he is not excited about his students being there. But come along anyway! 

MJ Delux will be supported by infamous Kegworth dad band Dadpaloza.

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