What to Expect in November

By Finley and Yam from the Press Gang

In this issue we will be talking about what you can expect in November and all the events in that time period that will occur.

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The 1st week of November is very eventful. On Tuesday, the 5th, we’ll be holding the race that stops the school, The Kegworth Cup. All the funds raised during the coin race, go towards the charity Stuart House. Make sure to bring in those 50 cent coins for a day of triumph and fun. On the same day, the Melbourne Cup is being held on that same day. The race that stops the nation is on the same day as the Kegworth cup. What a coincidence!!

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The next week is not very eventful but is a very necessary one because of world kindness day. November 13th is an amazing day for no matter how tall, short, young or old you are, you can still be kind. You could be kind to anyone, Your pets, parents, grandparents and even the floor you could be caring towards.

The 3rd week has a lot happening. November 16th holds have a party with your bear day. So grab that bear and have him dancing all day. World peace day on the 17th. It has a massive following behind it and rightfully so. It shows, just like world kindness day that everyone is different and special in their own way.

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On the 20th its universal children’s day to celebrate how much of a wonder your child is. Make sure to give your kid a cookie and let him or her watch TV all day long.

The last week of November has a huge event called thanksgiving. It’s a time for all you Americans out there to say what you are thankful for. That Friday holds Black Friday where you get massive discounts off literally everything but that usually only applies to Americans.

This month will be an exciting experience for all people, young and old! 



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