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Pets Of Kegworth: Rubicks Rose The Dog

By Saskia from Year 1

Rubicks is a two year old Schnauzer and she was born on the fourth of February 2017.

HOBBIES: chewing our socks, rolling on ground, going crazy after her bath,
playing with other dogs and chasing birds.

APPEARANCE: she is all black with patches of grey, fluffy floppy ears, big bushy eyebrows, a curly tail, wet black nose and a sock often hanging out of her mouth.

FOOD: Rubicks loves food. She would love it if she could eat dinner and breakfast every moment of the day. This is how much food she wants… food, more food, even more food, lovely food.

This is what she eats: doggie biscuits, kangaroo, chicken, roo choos, bones and any food that falls on the floor. We don’t need a vacuum cleaner!

NICK NAMES: Rubicks’s nicknames are: bubble, rubick, bestie, baba. We have lots more but we cant list them all.

FAVOURITE TOYS: Monkey bear (very chewed), drooly dog, ropey rope, piggy, every single ball and Aya’s Crocs.

Rubicks Rose often sleeps on our dressing gowns and when she wakes up in the morning, she tries to imagine she was still sleeping. She loves pats and cuddles and Christmas Day is her favourite day.

Places she loves most, well there are lots of them, one of them is the beach but the dog park is on the list as well.

Rubicks Rose loves stories, she likes the nights when we read stories and she likes sitting outside or playing outside, she just loves outside.

Something I have to say is, she is very adorable, and I love her so much. A secret about Rubicks Rose is, she loved to eat possum poo!

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