Should Harry Potter Be Considered ‘Essential’ Reading?

By Regina from the Press Gang

“You’re a wizard Harry” was one of the most famous quotes said by Hagrid a Hogwarts teacher, in the collection of novels called HarryPotter.

Written by JK Rowling one of the most well known authors in the world, the Harry Potter series is a good one.The first book was written back in 1997 when JK Rowling was actually homeless, living on the street with her daughter.

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She managed to get the first book Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone published on the 26th of June 1997 by the publisher Bloomsbury who also published the rest of the series. After getting the book up on shops around the country it was the biggest hit in reading since forever and soon the book made millions of dollars.

So although this series is probably one of the best selling and award winning series in the world, which has had plays and movies done for it. Should the Harry Potter books be considered ‘essential’ reading?

Well I personally think that although this series is one of the most incredible collections that most people will ever read, truly it should be up to the reader to decide.

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What I mean is that everyone is different and no two people are exactly the same. Which means we all have our own likes and dislikes. For example, I personally like margarita pizza whilst my sister prefers Hawaiian. My favourite colour is blue but my friend Mackenzie’s favourite colour is purple. I like playing video games whilst my other friend Inara is a bookworm.

That means although the Harry Potter fanbase is quite large, not everyone in the world may like the book collection. They may prefer other books such as spy novels, detective and mystery books or even true stories. They may not even like reading any books and prefer to listen to audiobooks off the internet.

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So should the Harry Potter books be ‘essential’ reading? Well as I said before, it should be up to the reader to decide because no matter how good something is there will always be that hand full people who aren’t the biggest of fans.

Also in my opinion you can make the HarryPotter books as essential or as inessential as you want!

What do you think? Should Harry Potter be considered ‘essential’ reading? Yes or No?

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