Where is Kegworth’s Favourite Place To Eat?

By Lucy and Aeryn from the Press Gang

Kegworth families love to eat out and so we thought that we could investigate what is kegworth’s favourite place to eat. 

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Members of the Press Gang went into the junior and senior playgrounds and asked students where they most liked to eat. Many of them said “home” – but since we can’t all pile round to their place, we asked them to just name actual restaurants.

After our investigation we found out that Bar Italia on Norton St is at the top for favourite place to eat with 13 votes. 

Image: Facebook/BarItaliaLeichhardt

Bar Italia is famous for its mouth-watering pizza and pasta. Along with their exquisite gelato and sorbet making it is easy to see why it’s Kegworth’s favourite place to eat! 

Other top answers included:  Akira Sushi, Jasmine 1, The Royal, and Little Sicily.


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